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VM Home Improvement

Paul and team set up my Home Building, Custom Home design and home improvement site in 2010 and since then we have used the contact form, free estimates/quotes as a revenue generator when getting new work. Customers are more likely to request a quote through a form and estimate than a cold call. Additionally capturing this information has helped our marketing campaigns reach out to potential customers — Vince Mattot, VM Home Improvement.

Home Building, Custom Home design VM Home Improvement

Tidewatersystems updated our POS (Point Of Sale ) system with an integrated software package that is extremely user friendly and affordable. Now we are selling items that have sat on the shelf for years with the ecommerce site linked to our POS system. Tidewater designed my eCommerce site in a way that allowed me to increase sales 75%. My staff has full functionality to post new items and sell products online like never before — Chris Bahrens, Cash Palace


Point Of Sale and E-Commerce Cash Palace
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