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Exclusive AccuWeather Winter Forecast – How AccuWeather Can Help Your Business-Webinar

winterboatWhat’s In Store for Businesses This Holiday Season?

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions Quantifies Winter Weather Impact On Business

WHAT:    AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions – the world’s leading commercial weather source partnering with more than 240 of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of businesses and government agencies worldwide – will hold their annual “Winter Forecast for Business” Webinar to update business leaders on winter and holiday season impacts.  The report will include AccuWeather’s exclusive winter forecast, weather analytics insights, and business intelligence solutions.

Please share this information with your audience so that they can benefit from AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions’ expertise and findings to plan for the upcoming winter season.

WHEN:       November 3, 2016 at 2:00pm EST

WHERE:     Online Webinar:  Business leaders can register here – 



WHY:         Major manufacturers, transportation companies, and retailers rely on AccuWeather’s comprehensive forecasting, big weather data, and analytics drive a new level of actionable business intelligence during peak sales seasons and throughout the year.


Last year, warmth plagued most of the country during the holiday season and many businesses and operations fell short of their predictions. This year, businesses in certain locations of the country can expect a return to cold weather and snow.  How much snow and what impact will it have at each location?  AccuWeather uses the power of data analytics to predict the potential disruption snow may have on businesses, identifying areas of the country that will be particularly vulnerable to snowfall this year, as well as pinpoint which areas are going to experience more days of snow in December.  How will winter conditions impact consumer spending this holiday season?  The AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions experienced team of forecasters and analysts have the answers.


Through the Webinar, business leaders across operations, sales, marketing, and inventory control will:

  • Find out what areas are going to have abnormal weather and how they can adjust this winter season.
  • Gain best practices on how other Fortune 500 organizations leverage insights on the impacts of the weather at their locations.
  • Learn how to provide a clear, common operating picture (COP) for their organization as weather affects all areas of a company’s performance, including operations, sales, marketing, inventory management, safety, security, and more.
  • Gain new insights on how to be ahead of the weather through the use of SmartWarn® intelligence – the most advanced forecast engine in the world – and AccuWeather’s long range forecast expertise, as basing decisions on normal seasonality or last year’s weather can lead to the wrong business decisions.


For more information, contact:


David Bennett / AES Product Marketing Manager /

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